About Us

YourPieMan only brings you the best classic desserts.  YourPieMan spent years learning the fine art of baking classic pies from his mother while serving in the United State Army.  After retiring, YourPIeMan decided to make Houston, Texas home.  After the events of hurricane Harvey, YourPieMan realized that the residents of Houston were in need of classic treats.

However, YourPieMan saw fit that Houston should be the recipients of his mother’s world famous miniature pies.  Large pies are great for the holidays, but why not give everyone the option of popping one for a mid afternoon snack or a late-night dessert. 

What makes our pies unique is that they are all century old, homemade recipes passed down to YourPieMan's mother and then on to him.  All of our pies are made with natural ingredients and NO preservatives.  We strive to bring our customers the freshest, tastiest treats and most of all: The Ultimate Pie Experience.

The best is yet to come as YourPieMan has decided to bring desserts to doorsteps all across the US.